Founded in 2009 in New York City, by two passionate Children of God, eager to be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.


Edward and Delki Rosso, launch the House of t`hearts International School and Ministry, which was born in their hearts with the purpose of training and preparing both men and women, to be messengers of the Kingdom of God through the Arts.



The aim of this school is to awaken revival in our city through the performing arts. Delki is raising, training, equipping and activating people, leaders and ministers who want to learn, use and multiply their gifts and talents as tools to evangelize and praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Events are constantly organized in order to achieve this purpose, which has allowed them to visit and impact many cities within the United States and more than 13 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.


On March 2020 HOTAI had their grand opening of their local school in the City of Orlando.





 ISAIAH 61:1-7



Dance as a spiritual tool that has been used for many centuries as a form of expression within the worship in congregations as well as a tool to release and activate the prophetic atmosphere. We understand the importance to develop that prophetic call on each dance minister thru training on the word of God.

House of T'heArts and its directors are assigned, committed and passionate about raising, training, equipping and activating people, leaders and ministers who want to multiply and use their gifts and talents for the service of the Kingdom of God, giving priority to the focus of A spiritual life.



The RevivalCamp, are camps and conferences of Creative Arts and Prophetic Worship that started in 2010 with the focus of awakening revival through the Arts.

These conferences have served so that representatives of more than 10 countries around the world, have accompanied us in this great prophetic artistic movement, which is one of the greatest and most impressive of Christian art; in which everyone joins with one voice to worship and aims the arts on Christ. These have been created for the exaltation, honor and worship fro Jesus.


The focus of these conferences has been to equip, train and activate worshipers, musicians, intercessors, leaders and other creative arts ministries, so that they can move in authority on their assignment on earth.

The first Conference was a bootcamp in 2010, it was held under the theme: "Bringing Heaven to Earth"; They then the name changed to Revivalcamp. Each year we host them with a different theme always guided by the Holy Spirit.   In 2011, "At the potter's shop"; in 2012, "Atmosphere Shifters"; in 2013, "The Power of ONE"; in 2014, "Activated to Transform"; in 2015, "Returning to the father" 2018 "let the Rivers Flow".


Among the may activities during RevivalCamp, we will find plenaries, workshops, conferences, activation for all the worshipers, and every night the RevivalNights: intense nights of prophetic worship that will touch, restore, transform the lives of each of the worshipers who come from all over the world to be formed and taken through the power of God to a new level of worship, and they will also impart and wrest the art of their countries to Christ.







In 2011 God asked us to establish and direct an Art school in New York by the name of House of the Art International School & Ministry. One of my assignments as a teacher was to go to the churches to minister and who what we teach as a school. In 2013 we realized dance school in New York was growing very fast and that our students needed instruments and clothing. God spoke to our lives and told us it was time to share the designs for others and that he wanted to bless our family through the business of the Boutique.

I said yes to the Lord but with one condition. When I started designing with the dressmaker to deliver the first collection of clothes, I gave her similar designs but not the same as mine. At that same moment, the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clear and the rule was to NEVER SELL ANYTHING THAT I WULD NOT WEAR MY SELF!! Since then this has been my motto and my team knows it: "IF I DON'T WANT TO WEAR IT, PLEASE DON'T SELL IT".


We want for everyone that purchases in our boutique, wears the best of the best to praise the name of our Lord Jesus.


Our purpose is to design elegant and casual dance clothes that represent the Kingdom of God here on earth, not only to adorn majesty and beauty according to Job 40:10, but also to dress as the royalty we are.

If God put a dream in you, it's because first it is a dream of HIM to bless others. Don't be afraid if you don't know how to do it, just OBEDY, hear his voice and MOVE!! He will do it !!!