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The Program

This program is guided by the vision of our school director, Delki Rosso, and under the leadership of the HOTAI team and a recognized HOTAI faculty with professional teachers in their area. Our program provides intensive training experience as ministers of Dance focused on their technical, theoretical and ministerial development, for students looking to give you excellence in the arts for the Lord.


The program is open to ages from 13 years-old to adults. The student must be able to read for himself and have the discipline to take 3 hours of classes, weekly, read and take exams. It does not require any previous experience. At the end of each course, the HOTAI International Diploma and Certificate is awarded. 

Additionally, it requires the purchase of some books, the use of a computer / cell phone for written readings and exams and costume package and graduation ceremony tool.


This curriculum results in strong, versatile and well-educated dancers who are prepared and worthy of their vocation as ministers of Dance.


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Each course is designed to provide approximately 36 hours of training over a period of 12 weeks. The training sessions will be conducted once a week, with each session lasting for three hours.



DANZ101 - Ballet I, Spontaneous & Expressive Dance, and Ministerial Training.


DANZ102 - Modern Dance I, War Rod Routines, and Ministerial Training - Liberation.


DANZ103 - Ballet II, Fan Routines, and Ministerial Training - Inner Healing.


DANZ204 - Modern Dance II, Tambourine Routines, and Ministerial Training.


DANZ205 - Ballet III, Prophetic Dance, and Ministerial Training.


DANZ206 - Combination of spiritual and technical dance classes with a mix of different styles and instruments in which students receive training in dance production and presentation.


If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our site coordinators. They will be happy to assist you.

Our Graduates

Every year, we have the privilege of guiding our senior students towards successfully completing their dance program, which culminates in a memorable graduation ceremony.


Our students are integral to the embodiment of our school's vision and mission. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the outcomes of their hard work, both in the immediate and distant future.


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